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Get rid of acne forever

Do you suffer from problematic skin and do not know how to end pimples and other manifestations of acne? Then this article is for you. You will learn how to take better care of problematic skin, how to prevent acne and what cosmetics to choose to get rid of unsightly pimples for good. The unique Korean cosmetics AC Control comes with an exceptional range in the fight against […]

Revolutionary peptide-based cosmetics are conquering the world

Revoluční kosmetika na bázi peptidů dobývá svět Peptid je látka obsažená v lidském těle, tedy tělu “vlastní” a právě to je ten důvod, proč dnes ženy vyhledávají kosmetiku právě na této

The biggest hit in skin care? Textile masks!

Největší hit v péči o pleť?   Textilní masky! Snadné použití a vysoká účinnost. To jsou jen dvě z celé řady výhod, kterými se pyšní textilní pleťové masky, které v posledních…
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Together with our dermatologists, we test Jeu'Demeure face masks. We rely on high quality products that contain the most effective ingredients. All ingredients are "soaked" in masks made of CUPRA material, which retains the nutrients contained longer, drying is very slow and thus allows the absorption of all necessary substances deep into the skin. This amazingly soft, very pleasant to the touch flowing material perfectly adapts to the contours of the leather.
Jeu'Demeure means "Stay Young", and it meets all our products.
cellicon lab
Cellion Lab Inc. founded the cosmetic line "Jeu'Demeure" based on peptides and their best properties, using the world's unique environmentally friendly production technologies. Peptides are substances contained in the human body, ie the body's "own". This is why the peptide is generally well tolerated and used as a first-class ingredient in luxury cosmetics in Europe, the USA and other developed countries. Jeu'Demeure develops peptide cosmetic products recommended for clients with problem skin.
It has been accompanied by skin problems since birth: itching and dry eczema in young children, pimples and redness of teenagers' skin, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and hair loss in old age, excessively dry skin in the elderly. Does painful treatment in skin clinics have to be the only solution? Or is it necessary to take medication every day? The right solution is to use reliable and caring cosmetic products. Jeu'Demeure produces cosmetics not only for beautification, but above all for solving our skin problems. The result is different if we use different ingredients. How effective could cosmetics rely solely on concept and marketing strategy? Jeu'Demeure is an ambitious brand using the world's best peptide production technology. We grow as a professional brand thanks to the fact that our teams of experts are honestly dedicated to solving skin problems of clients around the world. This allows us to achieve great results in solving various skin problems and growing interest in our products.

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