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About us

Why do we specialize in Korean cosmetics, you ask? The answer is: IT WORKS GREAT. Korean cosmetics and its secret lies primarily in the innovative development of new biotechnologies and patented ingredients and in the use of very high quality and sometimes unconventional cosmetic ingredients such as beta-glucans, asiaticosides, plant extracts or mushroom extracts.

Korean cosmetics

The Korean customer is a very demanding customer. Korean cosmetics also corresponds to this. Korean women have high demands on cosmetic products because they want beautiful and healthy skin, so cosmetic laboratories are pushed to develop and innovate. They have gained a big lead over cosmetics from the US, Switzerland and France. Korean brands are very effective for acne treatment, pigmentation removal and anti-aging. Read more on our blog.

Jeu'Demeure means "Stay Young", and all our products fulfil this.

Cellion Lab Inc. has established a cosmetic line "Jeu’Demeurepeptide-based and their best qualities using the world's unique environmentally friendly production technologies. Peptides are substances contained in the human body, i.e. "inherent" to the body. This is why the peptide is generally well tolerated and used as a premium ingredient in luxury cosmetics in Europe, the USA and other developed countries. Korean cosmetics are not far behind. Jeu'Demeure develops peptide cosmetic products recommended even for clients with problematic skin.

Cosmetic brand products HUBISLAB for skin care strengthen and protect the skin after professional care. They are specially formulated pro posílení a ochranu pokožky before the treatment and to soothe and regenerate the skin after the treatment. Unique technology HUBISLAB is based on scientific knowledge of biology and knowledge of clinical testing. Proteins, nucleic acids, peptides and other active substances were difficult to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, with the new technology they easily penetrate the target cells. The products are designed to allow the active ingredients to reach the deep layers of the skin and the effects of these substances contained in Korean cosmetics are as great as possible.