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Respirator FFP2/N95, respiratory mask (2pc.)

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Suitable protection against COVID-19.


2 pc. package

Respiratory mask alias anti-virus respiratory mask that form a seal around the nose, without a ventilator and with the filter class N95 (KN95) blocks at least 95% of viruses, bacteria, dust and very small particles of the class FFP2. The respiratory mask with the filter KN95 (N95) filters the aerosol and other very small particles.

The norm N95 (FFP2) is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) as the protective device from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus. Respiratory N95 based on CDC (Center for Disease Control and Preventation USA) is the effective protective device against COVID-19 see article here.


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Available, FDA certification

Masks are not recommended for repeated use. Take care of your protection and wear a respirator as described below.

Respiratory mask with the filter N95 (filters 95%, FFP3 filters 99%) with the polyprophylen filter and that form a seal around the nose and with the fastening system from rubber.

However, as a reminder, the respiratory mask does not protect themselves from respiratory diseases including viruses.Fabric or medical face masks are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect other people, not the wearer. The respiratory mask protects the wearer from airbone particles or viruses contaminating the face. The respiratory mask protects the wearer and other people! Tento respirátor chrání toho, kdo jej nosí i jeho okolí!

It is important to use the respiratory mask together with protective glasses or suit.

How to choose the respiratory mask for protection against viruses and bacteria?

Based on National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) the N95 respiratory mask protects the wearer against 95% of airbone particles (0,3um). The surgical norm N95 (FFP2) is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) as the protective device from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus. Protective class FFP2 is the equivalent of the class N95. The respiratory mask FFP3 is the highhest class of protective devices. FFP3 filters 99% of very small particles, viruses and bacteria.

Manual "How to wear a respiratory mask":

If you wear the respirator incorrectly, its overall protection efficiency will be significantly impaired.
It will not protect you properly, as the surrounding air will leak into the lungs through leaks around the sealing line.

  • Hold the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece up.
  • Form a seal "backwards U" before you put the respirator to the face. Cup the respirator in your hand allowing the headbands to hang below your hand. Hold the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece up.
  • The top strap (on single or double strap respirators) goes over and rests at the top back of your head. The bottom strap is positioned around the neck and below the ears. Slide fingertips down both sides of the metal strip to mold the nose area to the shape of your nose.
  • Functional fit test: Place both hands over the respirator, take a quick breath in to check whether the respirator seals tightly to the face.
  • Do not allow facial hair, hair, jewelry, glasses, clothing, or anything else to prevent proper placement or come between your face and the respirator..


5 reviews for Respirátor FFP2/ N95, Respirační rouška (2 ks)

  1. Michal -

    Respiratory masks have just arrived from you. They are great, adhere to the face and do not push anywhere. Thank you for buying, I order more for the family.

  2. Radek Fišer -

    I tested my respirator today, I'm satisfied.

  3. Lucka Vávrová -

    I ordered for my grandparents, I can recommend this shop! Especially at this time.

  4. Jitka Bláhová -

    I am satisfied with the purchase of respirators, they cannot be found anywhere.

  5. Kristýna Vraná -

    Skvělý nákup!

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